misoprostol cost found click for info Pets are like a member of your family and as a pet sitter you recognize the importance pets play in the lives of their owners. Your care of other people’s pets is very important and should be looked upon as a very serious responsibility.


uncover topamax cost kostenlos flirt spiele As a pet sitter I follow the following code of ethics.

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  • Honesty and trustworthiness are expected by my customers
  • Your customer’s home and property should be respected and protected.
  • Always keep your promises and fulfill you commitments.
  • “Anything less than outstanding is unacceptable.”

duralast gold battery price transcribe My Success as a Pet Sitter will be directly affected by the way I conduct myself and treat my clients and their pets. Using the above code of ethics will assist me in reaching my goal of being a professional Pet Sitter.

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