this article Summit Pet Sitting is able to provide pet visits in 30 minute increments. During this time period we can provide a myriad of services for many types of animals (dogs, cats, birds, fish, parrots, ducks, chickens, etc).

advice We will feed your pet, refresh the water, clean up after them and give any medications (pills, insulin, Sub Q fluids) if needed. We will also take your pet for a walk or let them out in the yard, whichever you prefer. Summit will always clean up after your pet.

Private Boarding

In home pet boarding is a service utilized by many of our clients. This service provides your pet with the highest level of care that a traditional kennel just cannot. Summit caters to the individual needs of your pet. In home boarding gives your dog free access to the full living area of our home, not just a small kennel.

Staying in a pet sitter’s home has many benefits over a traditional kennel:

  • It’s less stressful, and reduces the risk of your pets exposure to diseases, such as kennel cough.
  • It’s a great option for older dogs that enjoy quiet time or young puppies that require a lot of attention.
  • Your pet will have supervised care by a bonded and insured pet sitter.
  • They won’t be left alone at nighttime like some kennels.
  • There is no additional charge for extra play time, or bathroom breaks, and there is always lots of cuddle time.

With your permission we provide yummy treats such as kongs, marrow bones or bully sticks. Many of our client’s pets sleep in our beds!!! They are treated as a part of our family while you are away. You will get updates about your pets as well


Your pet can stay in the comfort of its own home while you are away. A bonded and insured pet sitter will stay overnight in your home. Your pet will feel more comfortable and relaxed in its natural setting. At our free consultation we will go over the instructions to care for your pet just as you would. They will be able to follow their regular schedule and be the center of attention. Summit will provide playtime, walks and lots of snuggles. Whatever your pet wishes!!!

While staying at your house overnight we can water your plants, retrieve the mail/newspaper, fill your bird feeders, bring out garbage/recycles, etc. We also rotate the lights and blinds while at your house.

Overnight pet sitting is a great option for any pet. This is also a great alternative to a kennel in case your dog doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs. Perhaps your pet is extremely stressed out leaving their home. Contact us today for more information and to set up a free consultation.